I’m a multidisciplinary artist and engineer. I work in installation, sculpture, printmaking and video. I make work to explore and understand the place I’m living in geographically, socially, and politically as Mizrahi Jewish, female identifying artist. I work around instances of contemporary culture I recognize as structural failures and focus on the tension between history and ideology to expose local symptoms of global conditions. I study the relationships between private and public space and look at how power, violence and models of failed masculinity shape narratives.


Hakimi received her MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2019) and is the recipient of the Katz International Photography Award (2018). She graduated from Hamidrasha School of Art (2016, with honors) and holds BSc in mechanical engineering (BGU, 2010). Her work had been exhibited in Chicago, Tokyo, Shanghai, Medellín, Marseille, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and is included in the Joan Flasch Artists Book Collection in Chicago, The Nahum Gutman Museum collection and the IBM Collection in Tel Aviv.



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